Saturday, 17 March 2012


It is easy to say this is the last week but regretful am going to miss you people on Nicenet ,
For the past nine weeks was such a wonderful experience to have been exposed to wonderful knowledge and skills. From the day We were introduced to class rubric, delious page , blogs and Nicenet it was amusing and real great to learn,

Though the class ends the knowledge will not end, Nicenet and the wiki will be my preferred tools and the PPT will be maximally used to enhance technological changes,
I would have lot to  say but no word that would suit my altitude so my only word is saying thanks to you all to have share great knowledge from Janine you've been such wonderful classmate. Bye and  meet you in Facebook group.

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  1. Nyinondi, I couldn't agree with you. This course has been wonderful from the very beginning. Now we just need to keep learning, sharing and collaborating to spread the word about using tech tools in classes. See you on FB. Take care. Nando