Monday, 27 February 2012



From this week's discussion no one would deny the facts from the articles about learners autonomy. It is the desire of every teacher to have a class whose students are independent, determined and eager to learn.Thanasoulas in his articles talks/defines  learners autonomy as  includes

  • for situations in which learners study entirely on their own;
  • for a set of skills which can be learned and applied in self-directed learning;
  • for an inborn capacity which is suppressed by institutional education;
  • for the exercise of learners' responsibility for their own learning;
  • for the right of learners to determine the direction of their own learning

True every student and teacher I guess knows it , the main challenge remains how could someone promote learners autonomy in unfriendly environment, When talking of unfriendly environment I mean situation like where teachers are forced to accomplish the syllabus with certain limit of time, some students are not intrinsically motivated, some parents demoralise their kids for learning, social and economic impacts all these leads to students lacking self-esteem in learning .However as teachers we should try our level best to encourage the learners to be motivated and self determined for learning using whatever means available in you/our environment.

Taking about one-computer lesson, it is important for a teacher to have a piece of computer with him or her as most of works are simplified with the use of compute. Most of the advantages have been discussed in details in my discussion on the nicenet but just to add is that the teaching load  will always look like being minimised.
I have always been using a c computer in all my preparation and my task is giving students what have prepared and sometime it is easy to print for them.
My call  all the teachers should think of promoting learners autonomy with the use of technology where the computer is one of the component.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week 6 Reflection


Am lucky for this week because the world in no longer large, as the large classes are no longer large,
all this is being made possible with technology. 
Since the beginning of this course I was thinking of what to do which will mean change to integrate technology in the class.

Am happy to inform you that I have been working hard to convince the school administration to let student have more time in computer Lab for they will be equipped with more knowledge including English, thanks to God am given a permission to have classes/lessons in the computer lab.

My plans from next week is to develop a project with my students that we shall be working on in Nicenet, I thank Rade and Janine for they  have been seriously helping and giving me instruction on what to do with technology.

Second plan is to utilize full the Power point Projector available at  the school , this will increase interaction of the students in the learning process. I think of using more power point presentation because it draws the attention of the students so the participation may be raised as some learn more by seeing.

Another plan was to use the Facebook but the school administration seem reluctant  on allowing student access their Facebook account as most of them do non academic stuff.Perhaps later they will be allowed but if not I hope the Nicenet will serve the purpose. 

May you please give me suggestion on where to improve or correct, your comments are my progress.
Kind regards.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Week 5 Reflection

It has been a wonderful week for me  as the main ideas rally reflected what  I expected.

Tarting with the rubrics I always desired to have the proper way of assessing my students so being exposed to the rubrics am so certain my students will enjoy from this methods.
The challenging task was that of WebQuest and PBL , when reading the articles on both the webquest and the PBL I become excited and I thought my teaching were going to be modern , my students would like it but I tried to create one oh my God I got lost on the way.

Should I give up obviously not I will continue struggling until i become one of those who use this technology in their normal teaching. I do expect some  of my colleague who  already know it will continue helping me.

Monday, 6 February 2012


the swahili proverbs states(translated),
" no matters how some one feels about the facts the truth will remain the truth"
The given saying  proves to me that it is important to acknowledged the facts,
For this week one thing have learnt is the preparation of the lesson plan using technology, interesting of it is how to in cooperate materials from the internet, it was wonderful. I am of the plan that after my exams I should let my students for their first time in life learn by the new approach of integrating internet in their learning.
The only challenge I remain with is whether a will be able to secure time for my student in the computer lab is it is full scheduled for over 700 students, .certainly i will.

otherwise I should say i had a wonderful week let me wish you a nice weekend.