Saturday, 28 January 2012


This week was a wonderful week for me as i learned how to create the delicious .com  which allows me to accumulates a  lot of stuff at once called bookmarks

Another important aspect for the week was the Aural/oral skills building the site given CALL on listening, speaking/pronunciation were indeed good as they added me a knowledge on how to integrate technology in class. but interestingly is that the technology can be applied by both teachers and students.

The main challenge for the week is how should I do to get my students more reliable internet service?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Week 2 Reflection

Dear  all,
I am happy to share with you  what exactly was interesting in the week. There are several things which Personally I wasn't aware of there being.
1. The ABCD, i will be unkind if I wont appreciate the introduction of the this method of starting objective as I never used it before, so by having it it is the big achievement to me. more certain my students will benefit from it.
2. the second important and remarkable item is the web searching , frankly speaking, I never used this new search apart from the common Google and Mozilla. The first thing have done was to ask my students to have them and gave them tips on how to get the best web for their search which i anyway got from this class.
I hope by the end of the course I will be an expert and more professional  in this field.